Assignment Location within country:
Nilo, Kilombero Scarp and Amani Nature Reserve
Duration of assignment (months):
48 months

Name of Client :
Eastern Arc Mountain Forests Endowment Fund

Professional Staff provided by your Organization:
Prof PKT Munishi – Team Leader carbon Assessment
Mr. Deo D. Shirima – Project assistant – Carbon Assessment
Start Date
July 2009
Completion Date
On going

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
Prof PKT Munishi: Overall Project Leadership, Development of Data capture Tools for Carbon assessment, Coordination of Field data collection, Data Analysis, Reporting
Detailed Narrative Description of Project: The purpose of the project is to develop baseline data and use them as a basis for emission offset trading and conservation credits in the EAM forests that can be used for sustainable development projects for communities adjacent to these forests
Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:
Establish carbon monitoring plots
Assessment of carbon in the forest based on IPCCC good practices for carbon assessment
Assess local people perceptions on managing forests for carbon and emissions trading
Determine market pathways for carbon marketing and modalities for local benefits